Worked with existing artwork created by an illustrator which was a mix of vector and raster elements. The suite of responsive website headers underwent several color palette changes and additional headers needed to be developed in the same style as the original artwork.

Responsive desktop view
The suite of Performance Marketing assets are ones I created based on an existing set of illustrations to fit fluidly within the family of elements, while optimizing for responsiveness.

Responsive device view

Responsive mobile view

Responsive desktop view
This example shows elements of the original artist's illustrations reworked to fit responsive web criteria, as well as adjusted to match the desired color palette.

Thumbnails created for each topic's sections

iTunes & Android App Store
Worked with Japanese and Arabic Twitter feeds for the iTunes App Store images. Iconography and precise details were modified to reflect the correct behaviors for Android and Apple expressions of the Twitter app

Japanese iTunes App Store imagery compiled from various Tweets to highlight the product using Photoshop

Arabic mobile Android imagery for Google Play

2016 Twitter Awards
Modified existing GIFs to include #TwitterAwards, as well as modifying and expanding the award category iconography.

Various GIFs created using Adobe Photoshop

2016 Twitter Awards submission website

I worked on the iconography, as well as advised the layout

Twitter Flight School
A series of courses designed to help you maximize the potential of integrating Twitter into a company's work.

I expanded and developed course iconography, as well as established a library of these icons for future use.

Flight School iconography library

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